How To Block Restricted Calls On Android? – (Simple and Easy Steps)

Are you tired of those annoying calls that appear as “Restricted” or “Unknown” on your Android phone? We’ve all been there! Those mysterious calls can be frustrating and sometimes even worrying. When you see “Restricted” or “Unknown” on your screen, the caller has chosen to hide their identity. It’s like wearing an invisible cloak for their phone number. But, How To Block Restricted Calls On Android?

While some of these calls might be harmless, many are linked to scams, spam, or pesky telemarketing. By blocking them, you shield yourself from threats and avoid wasting time on unwanted calls.

In this blog, We’ll guide you through a step-by-step process to block these calls effectively on your Android device. With our user-friendly tips and tricks, you’ll transform your phone into a fortress against unwanted callers.

What Are Restricted Calls?

Restricted calls are those mysterious phone calls that arrive without showing the caller’s identity, often displaying “Restricted” or “Private Number” on the screen. These enigmatic communications pique our curiosity as we wonder why someone would remain anonymous when contacting us. It’s like a little puzzle waiting to be solved with each call, making us wonder about the caller’s motives and intentions.

While restricted calls add an air of intrigue to our daily lives, they also raise concerns about privacy and potential unwanted intrusion. While some may be harmless, it’s essential to approach them cautiously, as there’s always a chance of more serious matters. Being vigilant when dealing with these mysterious calls is crucial in our interconnected world, where privacy is highly valued.

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Block Restricted Calls On Android

How To Block Restricted Calls On Android?

If you are tired of dealing with annoying restricted calls on your Android device, Here are some simple steps to block restricted calls on Android.

Step 1: Go to Settings
To get started, open the “Settings” on your Android phone. You can find it on your home screen or in the app drawer.

Step 2: Access Call Settings
Once you’re in the Settings, look for “Call Settings.” It’s where you can customize your phone’s calling features.

Step 3: Block Unwanted Calls
In “Call Settings,” you’ll find an option called “Call Blocking.” Tap on it to block unwanted calls easily.

Step 4: Create a Blocklist
Now, let’s create a “Blocklist.” This list enables you to add mysterious callers whose identities are hidden. Once added, their calls will disappear, and they won’t bother you anymore.

Step 5: Activate Do Not Disturb
To further protect yourself from unwanted calls, return to “Settings” and find “Do Not Disturb.” It helps you enjoy peace when you need it.

Step 6: Allow Calls from Trusted Contacts
In “Do Not Disturb,” look for “Allow Calls From.” Here, you can choose which contacts can call you even when Do Not Disturb is on.

How to Block Restricted Calls On iPhone?

If you are tired of dealing with annoying restricted calls on your iPhone device, Here are some simple steps to block restricted calls on your iPhone.

Activate “Do Not Disturb”
Your iPhone comes with a nifty feature called “Do Not Disturb.” You can find it in your settings. When you turn it on, it acts as your first defense against annoying calls.

Get a Call-Blocking App
Visit the App Store and look for call-blocking applications. These little guardians can sort out the good from the bad. Install one that suits your preferences, and let it fend off those unwanted calls while keeping your personal space secure.

Silence Unknown Callers
If unknown numbers continue to slip through, don’t worry. Your iPhone has another trick up its sleeve. Head to the “Phone” settings, where you’ll find the “Silence Unknown Callers” option. Flip the switch, and only calls from your known contacts will ring through.

Following these easy steps will transform your iPhone into a peaceful oasis, free from the constant annoyance of restricted calls.

How to Block Restricted Calls by Service Providers?

To block restricted calls by service providers, you can take the following steps:

  • Use Built-in Features: Check your phone’s settings for call-blocking options provided by your service provider. Enable this feature to block restricted calls.
  • Utilize Third-Party Apps: Explore reputable third-party apps that offer call-blocking services. Download and install one that suits your phone’s operating system to block unwanted calls effectively.

By implementing these solutions, you can successfully block restricted calls from service providers and enjoy a more peaceful phone experience.

Top 5 Call-Blocking Apps for Android

We all know how frustrating it can be to receive constant calls from unwanted numbers. Thankfully, Android users can now find solace with the help of these top 5 call-blocking applications.

1. Impervious Caller Guard: Impervious Caller Guard is a super smart app that stops pesky callers from bothering you. It’s like a strong shield that blocks unwanted calls effortlessly, giving you more control over your phone.
2. Call Block Matrix Pro: Call Block Matrix Pro is the best at keeping persistent disturbers away. Its clever technology quickly figures out who you don’t want to hear from and blocks them in a snap.

3. Shield Guardian Plus: Shield Guardian Plus is a fancy app that uses its smart skills to detect annoying callers. It helps you eliminate those pesky folks, making your phone a happier place.

4. No Call Nirvana: No Call Nirvana is a excellent app that uses clever tricks to identify and block unwanted calls, leaving you undisturbed.

5. Zenith Call Sentinel: Zenith Call Sentinel is the cream of the crop when it comes to blocking calls. You can customize it to block exactly who you don’t want to hear from, making it super practical.


To block restricted calls on Android device is a simple and effective way to shield yourself from potential threats, scams, and unwanted intrusions. Following the step-by-step guide, you can easily create a blocklist and activate the “Do Not Disturb” feature to enjoy a more peaceful phone experience. Additionally, exploring reputable call-blocking apps can further enhance your control over incoming calls. You can turn your Android phone into a fortress against obtrusive callers with these simple tactics and the best call-blocking apps, assuring better privacy and peace in your daily life.

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